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Administrative Office of Courts

The Mississippi Administrative Office of Courts was established in July 1, 1993 in order to assist in the efficient administration of the nonjudicial business of the State's court system. The AOC is located in Jackson, Mississippi, and is responsible for performing the following duties:

  • To assist the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court with his duties as the chief administrative officer of all of the courts of the state;
  • To assist in the prevention of unnecessary delay in the conduct of trials of the state courts;
  • To collect case statistics from all civil, criminal and youth courts in the state;
  • To coordinate and conduct studies and projects to improve the administration of justice;
  • To support the Judicial Advisory Study Committee, including research and clerical assistance;
  • To require the filing of reports and the collection and compilation of statistical data and financial information;
  • To make recommendations regarding the state of the dockets and the effective number of judges and other court personnel;
  • To prescribe uniform administrative and business records, forms, systems and records;
  • To devise and promulgate youth court tracking forms;
  • To prepare and submit budget recommendations necessary for the maintenance and operation of the judicial system;
  • To develop and implement personnel policies for nonjudicial court employees;
  • To procure, distribute, exchange, transfer and assign equipment, books, forms and supplies as are acquired for the court system;
  • To make recommendations for the improvement of the operations of the judicial system;
  • To prepare and submit an annual report on the work of the judicial system;
  • To take necessary steps in the collection of unpaid fines and court costs;
  • To perform any additional administrative duties as assigned by the Supreme Court.

Street address:
Gartin Justice Building
Administrative Office of Courts
450 High Street
Jackson, MS 39201
Mailing address:
Administrative Office of Courts
P.O. Box 117
Jackson, MS 39205

Main Number: 601-576-4630 Fax Number: 601-576-4639

Director Kevin Lackey 601-576-4636
Admin. Assistant Wende Weaver 601-576-4628
Public Information Officer Beverly Kraft 601-576-4637
Youth Court Program Director
Mary Fuller 601-576-4627
State Drug Court Coordinator Joey Craft 601-576-4631
Research Statistician Danya Knox 601-576-4630
Data Entry Operator Kehlye Gaddis 601-576-4634

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