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Clerk of Appellate Courts

1) NOTICE OF APPEAL - M.R.A.P. 3, 4, Appendix I, form 3

Timely filing is the only necessary requirement to perfect an appeal. A Notice of Appeal must be filed within 30 days after entry of the judgment or order being appealed; or within 14 days after the filing of the notice of appeal by another party; or within 30 days after entry of the order denying certain post-trial motions. The Notice of Appeal must be received and filed with the lower court clerk within the specified filing time. Mail time does not apply. The date of entry is the date the lower court clerk receives and files the judgment or order. A Notice of Appeal shall specify the party or parties taking the appeal and the party or parties against whom the appeal is taken and shall designate in whole or in part the judgment being appealed. The $200 Docket Fee is paid at the time of filing the Notice of Appeal or Cross-Appeal. Appellant's counsel serves all parties; and the lower court clerk serves a "filed" copy on all counsel other than appellant's counsel, the court reporter, and the Supreme Court Clerk, together with the $200 Docket Fee. A party not represented by counsel is served, and the defendant is served in criminal cases. The lower court clerk should be provided sufficient copies of the Notice of Appeal to accomplish service on all parties. The certified copies of the trial court docket opinion, if any, and judgment from which the appeal is being taken, which are to be transmitted to the Supreme Court with the Notice of Appeal, are made by the lower court clerk at the appellant's expense.

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