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Court of Appeals
Justice Lee
Chief Judge
L. Joseph Lee
District 4, Position 2

Chief Judge L. Joseph Lee was elected to the Court of Appeals of the State of Mississippi in 1998 for a term beginning in 1999. He was re-elected in 2002 and 2010, without opposition. He is currently serving in his third elected term on the Court. In 2004, he was appointed Presiding Judge of the Court of Appeals. He was appointed as Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals in March, 2011.

Chief Judge Lee was born in 1945. He graduated from Lumberton High School. He attended the University of Southern Mississippi and received his bachelor’s degree from William Carey College, now William Carey University. In 1973, he received his law degree from the Jackson School of Law, now Mississippi College School of Law.

Chief Judge Lee practiced law in Jackson and served as adjunct professor of business law at William Carey College. He is admitted to the Mississippi, Texas, and American Bar Associations.

In 2004, Chief Judge Lee was chosen Mississippi College School of Law’s Lawyer of the Year. He was recognized by the 2004 session of the Mississippi House of Representatives for his selection as Lawyer of the Year and for his contributions to the community and state. Mississippi College School of Law honored Chief Judge Lee in 2009 with an Honorary Master of Laws degree.

Chief Judge Lee is married to Renee Simon Lee and has three children and two grandchildren.


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