With TEAMWORK our kids win Commission on Children’s Justice recommends changes
December 19, 2013

The Mississippi Commission on Children’s Justice has recommended creation of astate funded, uniform youth court system and called for a comprehensive review of all statelaws related to child protection and foster care under the jurisdiction of youth courts.

Chief Justice calls for statewide county court system
December 19, 2013

Mississippi Supreme Court Chief Justice Bill Waller Jr. and the Commission onChildren’s Justice are calling for legislation to create a statewide county court system.

Legislators from other states visit model Rankin Juvenile Justice Center
October 17, 2013

Twenty-seven legislators from across the country visited the Rankin County Juvenile JusticeCenter Oct. 17. Legislators from as far away as Alaska and Puerto Rico came to learn about a modelprogram that provides days packed with activities and classroom instruction and little time spent in a cell.
Legal representation provided for low income parents in Adams,Forrest, Harrison and Rankin counties
February 25, 2013

Youth Courts in Adams, Forrest, Harrison and Rankin counties are participating in apilot program which provides free legal representation for low-income parents in YouthCourt hearings in which allegations of abuse or neglect could result in court-orderedremoval of children from parents’ custody.