MEC Attorney/Staff Training Overview

Attorneys will participate in a three hour block of instruction as it relates to the application of the Mississippi Electronic Courts and the duties of the attorney in his/her official dealings with the Court System. Attorneys will be given an overview of the Mississippi Electronic Courts Administrative Procedures as adopted by the Mississippi Supreme Court. Attorneys will receive instruction on registering for use of the system, obtaining user credentials and setting up a PAMEC account. They will be taught the capabilities and functions of the system and how it can enhance their dealings with the court and their clients. Attorneys will receive instruction on how to convert documents to PDF format and attach them to electronic filings.

Attorneys will receive a brief overview of how other court users will use and benefit from the Mississippi Electronic Courts System (i.e. Judges, Clerks and Administrators).

Attorneys will receive information through lecture, power point presentations, written manuals, and hands on exercises. Attorneys will be allowed to ask questions at appropriate intervals. They will receive documented answers to their questions.

At the end of the training, attorneys will be able to do the following:

•Register for an attorney account within the MEC system.
•Register for a PAMEC account within the MEC system.
•File answers and motions electronically.
•Convert attachments to filings to PDF format.
•Login and access the MEC system properly.
•Utilize the query feature of MEC effectively.
•Understand the report features of MEC and how to use them.
•Understand the procedures of the court as they relate to MEC.
•Understand the benefits and uses other court users have for MEC.

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