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Chancery Judges express appreciation to Myers

September 8, 2001

The Mississippi Conference of Chancery Court Judges on Saturday expressed appreciation to Court of Appeals Judge William Myers for his former leadership of the conference.

Myers, a former chancellor from Pascagoula, served as chairperson of the Conference of Chancery Court Judges 1998-2000. When Myers was appointed to the Court of Appeals, Hinds County Chancery Judge Denise Owens became conference chair.

Owens on behalf of the conference presented Myers with a plaque expressing appreciation for his "dedication and outstanding service." The presentation was made Saturday during the Chancery Conference's quarterly meeting in Jackson.

Said Owens, "He did a wonderful job and the conference wants to thank him for that job."

Myers said, "I really treasure this."

Myers praised other chancellors for their willingness to assist during his term as chairperson. "I never called on anybody in here to help and was turned down," Myers said.

Myers previously served as secretary and vice-chairman of the Chancery Conference.

The Conference of Chancery Court Judges is an educational and policy-making group for the chancery courts. There are 45 chancery judges.

Myers served eight years as chancellor for the 16th Chancery Court District, which includes Jackson, George and Greene Counties. Gov. Ronnie Musgrove last year appointed Myers to fill a vacancy on the Court of Appeals.

For more information about Judge Myers, visit the home page of the Mississippi Supreme Court and Court of Appeals at, or contact court public information officer Beverly Pettigrew Kraft at 601-354-7452 or by e-mail at