Mildred Chandler of Weir visits Court of Appeals

March 13, 2002

Mildred Chandler of Weir watched her son in court for the first time Wednesday when she visited the Mississippi Court of Appeals in Jackson.

Mrs. Chandler, mother of Court of Appeals Judge David A. Chandler, watched lawyers argue a case before the court. Her son was one of three judges on a panel to hear oral arguments in the case on appeal.

"I really enjoyed it," Mrs. Chandler said.

She never watched her son present a case when he was an attorney in private practice in Tupelo and Ackerman.

Judge Chandler said there was a superstition about bringing relatives to watch.

"We thought it was bad luck," Judge Chandler said. "Any lawyer who ever brought his mom to trial lost the case. So I never let any relative attend."

Judge Chandler, of Ackerman, has served on the Court of Appeals since January 2001.

For more information, contact Beverly Pettigrew Kraft, court public information officer, at 601-354-7452.