Statement of Chief Justice Edwin L. Pittman

August 21, 2003

Chief Justice Edwin L. Pittman made this statement today in response to media inquiries:

There is a deliberate and false attack being waged against the Supreme Court of Mississippi by people with intimate knowledge of the workings of the court.

There has been no unusual shredding of documents at this court and the public should be aware that every document produced by our computer system, as all of them are, is preserved on a complete, total, minute by minute backup. Thus, a copy is always available.

Unscrupulous people determined to hurt the majority of the court are feeding this information to the media and the media should investigate their motives.

I can't be sure of the identities of these people. I would like to know who they are. I believe some members of the news media do know, but they haven't shared that information with the court or the public.