Memorial service honors deceased Mississippi lawyers

Oct. 14, 2003

Lawyers, judges, friends and family gathered Tuesday in Jackson for a memorial service for 56 Mississippi lawyers who died during the past year.

Mississippi Bar President Richard C. Roberts III of Jackson told the crowd gathered in the Old Supreme Court Chambers at the Capitol that the best tribute to those who have died would be for those lawyers in attendance to rededicate themselves to the oath they took to practice law.

Roberts in his eulogy said, "We are all eyewitnesses to their legacy of service and devotion to duty." He said, "I count it as a blessing to have known them and to have been touched by their lives."

Chief Justice Edwin L. Pittman presided over the ceremony. Fifty-six slender white tapers were lit as the names of the deceased were read.

Mississippi Supreme Court Justice George C. Carlson Jr. of Batesville in the response for the court said, "Of those names read, I heard the names of a childhood friend, a college classmate, law school classmates, former trial judges, public servants, and those who went quietly about their way on a daily basis in their respective communities, practicing law, helping people, doing good, and seeking no recognition for their efforts."

Justice Carlson said, "The lawyers we remember and honor today recognized that in spite of the negative publicity inflicted on the legal profession, our profession was founded as, and continues to be, a service profession, dedicated to service to our citizens."

The memorial service is a 96-year-old tradition, Roberts said.

A list of those who have died follows.


MEDIA CONTACT:   Beverly Pettigrew Kraft
Administrative Office of Courts

  City State Deceased Bar Admission
George Matthew Arthur Jackson MS 11/20/2002 1966
Larry Liddell Austin Hattiesburg MS 08/25/2003 1974
William Thames Bailey, Sr. Lucedale MS 05/27/2003 1954
James Allen Boone Jackson MS 09/05/2003 1949
Jack Williams Brand Newton MS 10/05/2002 1960
William J. Cole, III Jackson MS 04/11/2003 1974
Kenneth Earl Crawford, Jr. Mount Olive MS 08/11/2003 1978
L. Anthony Deal Memphis TN 08/15/2002 1983
Joseph Turpin Drake, Jr. Port Gibson MS 08/12/2003 1938
Gerald Raymond Emil Gulfport MS 04/21/2003 1973
Anthony Thomas Farese Ashland MS 11/12/2002 1956
William Weems Gates Jackson MS 10/17/2002 2002
John Evans Gough Brandon MS 07/28/2003 1976
Baxter Kendall Griffin Crystal Springs MS 08/28/2003 1991
Wallace R. Gunn Hattiesburg MS 01/27/2003 1947
Charles C. Hairston, Jr. Jackson MS 12/18/2002 1941
John Thomas Haltom, Sr. Indianola MS 09/19/2003 1968
Richard W. Hamilton Pascagoula MS 03/20/2003 1976
Nolan Sidney Harper Jackson MS 06/01/2003 1965
Benjamin F. Hilbun, Jr. Starkville MS 07/14/2003 1960
John Sharp Holmes, Sr. Yazoo City MS 08/27/2003 1938
Joe Jack Hurst Jackson MS 10/30/2002 1950
Jerry L. Hutcherson Pascagoula MS 06/17/2003 1977
Ransom Powell Jones Ocean Springs MS ?? 1971
Abbey Wailes Magruder, Jr. Jackson MS 08/24/2003 1957
William Oliver Marble Jackson MS 09/14/2002 1974
Curtis W. McKewen Jackson MS 10/28/2002 1952
Randall Lynn Miller Laurel MS 11/29/2002 1977
Eula Bonnie Mills Carthage MS 09/04/2003 1950
Benjamin Ligon Owen Columbus MS 09/10/2003 1947
James Z. Palmertree Clinton MS 12/07/2002 1969
Samuel Ira Pittman, Jr. Greenville MS 06/20/2003 1951
Kenneth Bell Raigins Jackson MS 04/20/2003 1975
William W. Ramsey Vicksburg MS 02/11/2003 1951
James Keith Roberts Gautier MS 8/19/2003 1992
Thomas N. Roberts, Jr. Gulfport MS 08/17/2003 1950
James Hal Ross Brandon MS 02/03/2003 1972
Charles William Satterfield Jackson MS 03/24/2003 1966
Stone M. Smith Biloxi MS 05/01/2003 1952
Tatum Reagan Stacy Jackson MS 10/21/2002 1961
Kenneth Keith Steiner, Jr. Natchez MS 03/21/2003 1971
Joseph Taylor Stephens Jackson MS 07/20/2003 1969
L. Jack Stewart Picayune MS 02/03/2003 1953
Thomas M. Tann, Sr. Terry MS 02/23/2003 1952
Robert E. Taylor, Jr. Wiggins MS 12/03/2002 1983
Everette Verhine Vicksburg MS 11/03/2002 1974
William Henson Ward Starkville MS 10/21/2002 1946
Calvin Lowell Wells Jackson MS 08/24/2003 1949
John Wallace Whitten, Jr. Sumner MS 02/18/2003 1940
Tim Fisher Wilson Denver CO 08/23/2003 1984
William Anderson Wiltshire McComb MS 09/30/2003 1955
Sherwood Willing Wise Jackson MS 10/15/2002 1934
George Franklin Woodliff Jackson MS 03/20/2003 1938
Thomas H. Woodrow Madison MS 10/07/2002 1953
Frank Osborne Wynne, Jr. Merigold MS 07/09/2003 1950
Stanford Young Waynesboro MS 12/26/2002 1950