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Supreme Court makes appointments to Bar Complaint Tribunal

September 20, 2005

The Mississippi Supreme Court has appointed two new members to the state Bar Complaint Tribunal and reappointed three members.

New appointees to the Tribunal include Circuit Judge Isadore W. Patrick Jr. of Vicksburg and attorney Trent Howell of Water Valley. Members who have been reappointed include attorney Lewis Bell of Jackson, former Circuit Judge Richard W. McKenzie of Hattiesburg and District Attorney Joyce Chiles of Greenwood.

Members serve staggered three-year terms. The appointments were made Aug. 26, 2005. The terms expire Aug. 31, 2008.

Members of the Complaint Tribunal hear and decide disciplinary matters involving attorneys. Decisions from the Tribunal may be appealed to the Mississippi Supreme Court. Actions by the Tribunal are final if not appealed.

The Tribunal sits in panels of three, with each panel comprised of two attorneys and one judge, according to Rule 3 of the Rules of Discipline for the Mississippi Bar.

The 27-member Complaint Tribunal is made up of nine judges and 18 lawyers selected by the nine members of the Supreme Court from three Supreme Court districts.

Judge Patrick was appointed to the Tribunal on the recommendation of Supreme Court Presiding Justice William L. Waller Jr. of the First (Central) Supreme Court District. Justice George C. Carlson Jr. of the Third (Northern) Supreme Court District recommended Howell.

Bell was reappointed in the First District on the recommendation of Chief Justice James W. Smith Jr. District Attorney Chiles was reappointed in the Third District on the recommendation of Presiding Justice Kay B. Cobb. McKenzie was reappointed in the Second (Southern) District on the recommendation of Justice Michael K. Randolph.