Supreme Court and Court of Appeals orders are on Internet

October 6, 2008

Orders of the Mississippi Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals filed on or after Sept. 25, 2008, can be viewed via the Internet.

The Supreme Court has upgraded its web site,

Chief Justice James W. Smith Jr. said, “The Court’s upgrade of its website to now make orders available as digital images will improve accessibility for all users as well as be more cost efficient.”

Presiding Justice William L. Waller Jr. said, “This is an important step toward fulfilling our commitment to public access. When the public is able to easily view the orders and opinions of the court, public confidence in the work of the court is enhanced.”

Access to copies of court orders is available from the General Docket page on the Court’s web site. Go to Cases are searchable by cause number, party name or attorney name.

Point-and-click access to court orders will not be available directly from the weekly hand down lists of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. Gaining access to the full text of orders will require one to pull up the docket sheet for the individual case from the General Docket, then click on the link for the order.

Orders will be available via the Internet on the day after they are filed. The web site is updated each evening.

Appellate court orders filed from Sept. 25, 2008, forward, will be available as digital images. The Court does not plan to link to orders entered before that date.

Case decisions from the Mississippi Supreme Court and Court of Appeals have been available via the Internet since 1996. Oral arguments of the state appellate courts have been available via the Internet since 2001.