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Court of Appeals Judge Jimmy Maxwell speaks to Greenwood, Louisville and Starkville Rotary Clubs

May 13, 2015

Court of Appeals Judge Jimmy Maxwell of Oxford recently spoke to Rotary Clubs in Greenwood, Louisville, and Starkville.

Court of Appeals Judge Jimmy Maxwell

Judge Maxwell educated the Rotarians on the operation of Mississippi’s court system and shared stories from his days as a federal prosecutor.

“I started doing this a few years ago, because I thought it was important that Mississippians have a working understanding of our legal system, since in a blink anyone can be involved in the legal process,” Judge Maxwell said. “All it takes is a car wreck, a property dispute with a neighbor, or a marriage to head south, and you’re there.”

So far he has been pleased with the public’s interest in the judicial process. He describes his presentation as “a crash course, 20-minute explanation about our courts and how they work. I also mix in some slides and funny stories from various prosecutions I handled. People have been very receptive and interested.”

Over the past few years, Judge Maxwell has given his court-based PowerPoint presentation to more than 50 Rotary Clubs, economic development groups, bar associations, schools and other civic groups around north Mississippi.

Judge Maxwell, of Oxford, has served on the Court of Appeals for six years. He was appointed, then elected from District 1, Position 1, consisting of 23 counties in north Mississippi. Before joining the Court, Judge Maxwell served as Assistant United States Attorney for the Northern District of Mississippi. He worked in private law practice before his service as a federal prosecutor.