Gartin Building Courtroom with the Great Seal of the State of Mississippi

Bar Memorial honors 78 deceased lawyers

October 21, 2015

The Mississippi Supreme Court convened on Tuesday, Oct. 20, to pay tribute to 78 attorneys who died during the past year.

Chief Justice Bill Waller Jr. presided over the annual Mississippi Bar Memorial Service, which was held in the En Banc Courtroom at the Mississippi Supreme Court in Jackson. A white candle was lit as Memorial Service Committee Chair Peyton D. Prospere read each name.

Justice Jim Kitchens of Crystal Springs told families, friends and colleagues, “These 78 Mississippi Bar members whose names have been lovingly sounded in this courtroom today served our entire state, and society at large, and we who remain are the poorer for their departure....Indeed, those whose memories we honor today will not soon be forgotten by countless numbers of the poor, the weak and the troubled persons for whom these dedicated lawyers provided help and hope during times of difficulty and despair.”

Justice Kitchens said, “Many of these lawyers’ most laudable deeds are known only by those who were the beneficiaries of their kindness, their compassion and their unshakable commitment to their professional duties. But at the same time, we who were privileged to observe and learn from these great women and men of the law are aware of countless instances of their having gone far beyond the extra mile in their persistent pursuit of justice for all, often with no expectation of being paid for providing the same quality of legal services for those who could not pay as they did for those who could pay them well.”

Mississippi Bar President Roy D. Campbell III noted that some practiced law for more than 60 years. Others died after very brief legal careers. “They served as examples to all of us with their service to the clients, the courts and to the public,” he said.

Among those honored was former Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Noble Lee of Forest, who was admitted to the Bar in 1939. He died Jan. 21 at the age of 99. Other judges who died were Chancery Judge Daniel H. Fairly of Brandon, retired Chancellor Ray H. Montgomery of Canton, and former Chancellor Edward C. Prisock of Louisville. Other public servants who died included former House Speaker Tim Ford of Jackson; former Senator Martin T. Smith of Poplarville, who was the first director of the Administrative Office of Courts; and former Supreme Court Administrator Jack E. Pool of Dallas.

Here is a list of the deceased attorneys who were honored:

J. Murray Akers Greenville, MS Admitted 1967  
  Sam H. Allen III Knoxville, TN Admitted 1973  
  Fred A. Anderson III Gloster, MS Admitted 1966  
  Edward L. Atkinson Quitman, TX Admitted 1956  
  Thomas F. Badon Liberty, MS Admitted 1947  
  Sidney A. Barnett Tupelo, MS Admitted 1970  
  William D. Bethea III Madison, MS Admitted 1978  
  Everette Boutwell Laurel, MS Admitted 1974  
  M. Gene Brown Meridian, MS Admitted 1964  
  Joe M. Buchanan Indianola, MS Admitted 1966  
  O. Winston Cameron Meridian, MS Admitted 1947  
  Jill G. Clyburn Fairfax, VA Admitted 1986  
  Henry J. Cook III Diamondhead, MS Admitted 1978  
  Robert F. Cooper, Jr. Memphis, TN Admitted 1946  
  Lawrence C. Corban, Jr. Biloxi, MS Admitted 1953  
  Ottis B. Crocker, Jr. Bruce, MS Admitted 1962  
  Richard M. Edmonson, Jr. Madison, MS Admitted 1988  
  James B. Everett Decatur, MS Admitted 1956  
  Daniel H. Fairly Brandon, MS Admitted 1981  
  Timothy A. Ford Jackson, MS Admitted 1977  
  Thomas H. Freeland IV Oxford, MS Admitted 1981  
  Louis A. Fuselier Jackson, MS Admitted 1964  
  David G. Galyon Jackson, MS Admitted 1991  
  Allen Gardner Memphis, TN Admitted 1958  
  James L. Garner Brandon, MS Admitted 1962  
  John D. Gautier, Sr. Gautier, MS Admitted 1953  
  Wayne C. Gulledge Flowood, MS Admitted 1980  
  William S. Guy McComb, MS Admitted 1963  
  Elbert E. Haley, Jr. Brandon, MS Admitted 1979  
  David C. Henry Jackson, TN Admitted 1989  
  Ralph L. Holland Tupelo, MS Admitted 1949  
  Ernest E. Howard III New Orleans, LA Admitted 1968  
  Larry L. Johnson Jackson, MS Admitted 1962  
  William F. Jones Hattiesburg, MS Admitted 1959  
  Stephen G. Kelty Terry, MS Admitted 1997  
  Kendrick R. Kennedy Biloxi, MS Admitted 2011  
  Donice V. Knight Laurel, MS Admitted 1974  
  Roy N. Lee Forest, MS Admitted 1939  
  Mitchell M. Lundy, Sr. Grenada, MS Admitted 1951  
  Lawrence M. Magdovitz, Sr. Clarksdale, MS Admitted 1961  
  Philip Mansour Greenville, MS Admitted 1948  
  Michael Marks Jackson, MS Admitted 1964  
  William W. Martin Gulfport, MS Admitted 1981  
  J. Stephen McDonald Lexington, KY Admitted 1985  
  James F. McKenzie Hattiesburg, MS Admitted 1958  
  James T. Metz Ridgeland, MS Admitted 1978  
  Cecil M. Mitchell Ridgeland, MS Admitted 1952  
  Ray H. Montgomery Canton, MS Admitted 1970  
  E. Don Moore Jackson, MS Admitted 1948  
  Harbour Mounger Jackson, MS Admitted 1980  
  Paul B. Murphy Belzoni, MS Admitted 1960  
  O. Marvin Oates, Jr. Bay Springs, MS Admitted 1956  
  Casey C. Pace Brandon, MS Admitted 1972  
  Richard E. Perkins Moss Point, MS Admitted 1966  
  George L Phillips Sumrall, MS Admitted 1973  
  Will E. Pittman Clarksdale, MS Admitted 1995  
  Jack E. Pool Dallas, TX Admitted 1960  
  Edward C. Prisock Louisville, MS Admitted 1965  
  Jessie D. Puckett, Jr. Puckett, MS Admitted 1953  
  Louie F. Ruffin Richton, MS Admitted 1961  
  Daniel E. Ruhl Ridgeland, MS Admitted 2004  
  Suzanne N. Saunders Jackson, MS Admitted 1976  
  William R. Sevier Jackson, MS Admitted 2003  
  Kenneth W. Smith Alexandria, VA Admitted 2003  
  Martin T. Smith Poplarville, MS Admitted 1958  
  Ronald C. Smith Ridgeland, MS Admitted 1974  
  David R. Sparks Tupelo, MS Admitted 1972  
  Mark B. Strickland Gulfport, MS Admitted 1989  
  William H. Stubblefield Oxford, MS Admitted 1979  
  Russell Turner Jackson, MS Admitted 1994  
  John C. Underwood, Jr. Jackson, MS Admitted 1972  
  Michael J. Vallette Ocean Springs, MS Admitted 1980  
  Edmund J. Walker D’Iberville, MS Admitted 1966  
  Robert H. Weaver Jackson, MS Admitted 1959  
  John A. Williams Salt Lake City, UT Admitted 1990  
  Lampton O. Williams Poplarville, MS Admitted 1942  
  Larry W. Wood Lena, MS Admitted 1968  
  Michael P. Younger Brandon, MS Admitted 1978