Supreme Court makes appointments to Bar Complaint Tribunal

August 31, 2016

The Mississippi Supreme Court has appointed five new members to the Bar Complaint Tribunal, and reappointed four members.

New appointees include Circuit Judge Prentiss Harrell of Hattiesburg, Circuit Judge Andrew K. Howorth of Oxford, attorney John R. Reeves of Jackson, attorney Daniel H. Sparks of Oxford, and attorney Austin Vollor of Starkville.

Chief Justice Bill Waller Jr. issued an order Aug. 29 reappointing Hinds County Court Judge Melvin V. Priester Sr., attorney Willie Griffin of Greenville, attorney L. Clark Hicks Jr. of Hattiesburg, and attorney Joseph Kelly of Liberty.

The three-year terms will conclude on Aug. 31, 2019.

Members of the Complaint Tribunal hear and decide disciplinary matters arising out of complaints against attorneys. Discipline may range from private reprimand to disbarment. Decisions from the Complaint Tribunal may be appealed to the Mississippi Supreme Court. Actions by the Complaint Tribunal are final if not appealed.

The 27-member Complaint Tribunal is made up of nine judges and 18 lawyers selected by the nine members of the Supreme Court from three Supreme Court districts. The Complaint Tribunal sits in panels of three, with each panel comprised of two attorneys and one judge.