Mississippi Supreme Court and Court of Appeals announce remote operations

August 29, 2022

The Mississippi Supreme Court received communications on Monday afternoon, Aug. 29, from the state Department of Finance and Administration and the State Personnel Board and reviewed announcements from the City of Jackson regarding water issues affecting the capital city.

After conferring with the Supreme Court Executive Committee and department heads, Chief Justice Mike Randolph announced that the Gartin Justice Building will temporarily operate with reduced staff on Tuesday. Most staff of the appellate courts and the Administrative Office of Courts will work remotely. No decision has been made as to how long the reduced staffing and remote operations will be necessary.

Chief Justice Randolph, in his capacity as chief administrative officer of all courts in the state, finds that consistent with the Constitution of the State of Mississippi, all courts shall remain open. The Supreme Court, the Mississippi Court of Appeals and the Administrative Office of Courts will operate with essential staffing to keep the courts open. The office of the Clerk of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals will remain open.

Presiding Justice Jim Kitchens said, “Because of COVID, we know how to operate remotely.”