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December 21, 2001
Judge Howorth to take oath of office Jan. 2 in Oxford
December 21, 2001
Bob Ryan appointed to head Office of Capital Post-Conviction Counsel
December 17, 2001
18 Graduate from Drug Court
December 14, 2001
Judicial study commission makes recommendations
November 30, 2001
Judge Brantley talks to Madison Central students
November 29, 2001
Justice Graves will head committee to study court and media issues
November 29, 2001
Comment period extended to Jan. 7 for Code of Judicial Conduct
November 20, 2001
Supreme Court finalizes time standards
November 16, 2001
Pittman says proposed changes aimed at eliminating race and gender bias
November 15, 2001
Justice Graves pledges to serve with honor, dignity and integrity
November 14, 2001
Supreme Court Justice Carlson participates in litigation symposium
November 9, 2001
Rankin County Circuit Court gets electronic evidence presentation equipment
November 9, 2001
Grants fund community service programs for juvenile offenders in Copiah and Lincoln Counties
November 9, 2001
Chief Justice Pittman says Code of Conduct revisions intended to deter influence
November 7, 2001
Rankin County Chancery Judge orders divorcing parents and their children to attend counseling classes
November 7, 2001
George County Chancery Court will soon refer divorcing parents to free counseling classes
November 7, 2001
Justice Graves will spotlight education at November 15 investiture
November 1, 2001
George C. Carlson Jr. takes oath as Supreme Court Justice
October 30, 2001
Trial judges endorse advisory time standards
October 25, 2001
Proposed rule changes address judge recusals, campaign conduct
October 23, 2001
Justice Mills delivers letter of resignation to Governor
October 12, 2001
Study Commission discusses salary increases for judges and prosecutors
September 28, 2001
Supreme Court Justice Fred L. Banks Jr. announces he is stepping down
September 27, 2001
Judge James P. Brantley formally sworn in to Court of Appeals
September 14, 2001
Judicial Study Commission discusses campaign finance and other reforms
September 8, 2001
Chancery Judges express appreciation to Myers
August 16, 2001
Justice Court Judges increase voluntary continuing education
August 8, 2001
Welcoming ceremonies scheduled for Judge Chapman
July 27, 2001
Trial judges seek to improve judicial efficiency
July 26, 2001
Court of Appeals arguments go on Internet August 7
July 19, 2001
Study Commission discusses improvements for judiciary
July 14, 2001
Chief Justice honors four for work to improve the judicial system
July 5, 2001
Delta Drug Court organizers visit south Mississippi counterparts
June 28, 2001
Chief Justice Edwin L. Pittman addresses MBN anniversary
June 22, 2001
Judge Payne to retire from Court of Appeals
June 20, 2001
Judicial study commission members named
June 15, 2001
Appellate court judges attend ethics seminar
June 14, 2001
Supreme Court seeks public comment on time standards
June 14, 2001
Proposed time standards for trial courts
June 7, 2001
10th Chancery District installs computer network
May 24, 2001
Supreme Court considers time standards for trial courts
May 9, 2001
Supreme Court amends rule regarding appeal bond in civil damage award cases
April 5, 2001
State Law Library promotes public access
April 2, 2001
Supreme Court docket goes on the Internet
March 29, 2001
Nigerian officials study Mississippi court system
March 22, 2001
Technology's impact on litigation discussed
March 6, 2001
Installation of courtroom video equipment begins
March 6, 2001
Public information officer named to assist news media and courts
February 15, 2001
Audio Video Recording for Appellate Courts
January 22, 2001
Chief Justice Edwin Lloyd Pittman's Remarks at Investiture Ceremony on 1-22-01