UPDATED: 12/15/2017

EDI Reference Table
MS Crime Code Master

00-00-00 Charges not reported by Clerk 20 N Y N
17-17-29 Solid/hazardous waste - illegal disposal 46 N Y N
19-5-317 Emergency Report: False Report of; Abusive Comments to Emgcy Personnel 69 N Y N
21-13-19 Municipal misdemeanor sentencing authority; 6 mos/$1,000 fine max 81 N Y N
21-23-8 Contempt in Municipal Court 63 N Y N
23-15-17 Elections: False registration 77 N Y N
23-15-753 Voter Fraud 77 N Y N
27-19-131 Vehicle: Operation without tag/payment of tax 64 N Y N
27-19-59 Vehicle: Improper Registration 64 N Y N
27-3-79 Tax Evasion 55 N Y N
27-65-85 Taxes, Permit: Failure of Business to Acquire/Maintain Permit 72 N Y N
27-7-87 Falsely Reporting Tax Records 80 N Y N
41-23-2 Disease, infectious: Violation Health Dept order to cease transmission 47 N Y N
41-29-139 Cont. Subst. - Violations (Specific Subsection Unavailable) 16 N Y N
41-29-139(a)(1) Cont. Subst.: Definition of Illegal Action (For Indictment) 16 N Y N
41-29-139(a)(2) Counterfeit Substance: Definition Illegal Action (For Indictment) 16 N Y N
41-29-139(b) Cont. Subst.: Sale/Distribute/Manufacture/Possess w/Intent 16 N Y N
41-29-139(b)(1) Cont. Subst.: Sale/dist etc. < 1 Kilo, but more than 30 grams 16 N Y N
41-29-139(b)(2) Cont. Subst.: 1st offndr 1 kilo, but more than 30 gr marijuana 16 N Y N
41-29-139(b)(3) Cont. Subst.: poss/sale, etc. < 30gr marijuana; (sentencing statute) 16 N Y N
41-29-139(b)(4) Cont. Subst. - Sched III/IV Sentencing and Fines 16 N Y N
41-29-139(b)(5) Cont. Subst.: Sched. V Sentencing and Fines 16 N Y N
41-29-139(c)(1) Cont. Subst.: Possession of Schedule I or II other than Marijuana 16 N Y N
41-29-139(c)(1)(A) Cont. Subst.: Sched I/II less than 1/10 gr or 1 dosage unit not marj. 16 N Y N
41-29-139(c)(1)(B) Cont. Subst.: Sched I/II (not marj) 1/10 gr, <2 gr or 2-10 dosage unit 16 N Y N
41-29-139(c)(1)(C) Cont. Subst.: Sched I/II (not marj) 2 gr, but <10 gr or 10 dosage unit 16 N Y N
41-29-139(c)(1)(D) Cont. Subst. Sched I/II (not marj) 10 gr, 20 to 40 dosage units 16 N Y N
41-29-139(c)(1)(E) Cont. Subst.: Sched I/II (not marj) 30 gr or more or 40 dosage units 16 N Y N
41-29-139(c)(2)(A) Cont. Subst.: Possession Marijuana - 30grams or less 16 N Y N
41-29-139(c)(2)(B) Cont. Subst.: Poss. Marijuana in Vehicle - over 1 gram, under 30grams 16 N Y N
41-29-139(c)(2)(C) Cont. Subst.: Possession Marijuana - over 30grams, under 250grams 16 N Y N
41-29-139(c)(2)(D) Cont. Subst.: Possession Marijuana - over 250grams, under 500grams 16 N Y N
41-29-139(c)(2)(E) Cont. Subst.: Poss. Marijuana - 500 g, but less than one kg 16 N Y N
41-29-139(c)(2)(F) Cont. Subst.: Poss. Marijuana - one kg, but less than five kg 16 N Y N
41-29-139(c)(2)(G) Cont. Subst.: Poss. Marijuana - greater than five kg 16 N Y N
41-29-139(d)(1) Cont. Subst.: Paraphernalia - Use, Possession, Possession w/Intent 16 N Y N
41-29-139(d)(2) Cont. Subst.: Paraphernalia - Sale/Possession/w/ Intent to Manufacture 16 N Y N
41-29-139(d)(3) Cont. Subst.: Paraphernalia - Sale/Delivery to Person under18 16 N Y N
41-29-139(e) Cont. Subst.: Physician Illegally Prescribe/Administer Amphetamine 16 N Y N
41-29-139(f) Cont. Subst.: Sell/Manufacture/Distribute again w/in any 12-mo. period 16 N Y N
41-29-139(g) Cont. Subst.: Trafficking 16 N Y N
41-29-142 Cont. Subst.: Sale w/in proximity of Schools, Churches, Parks etc. 16 N Y N
41-29-144 Cont. Subst./Prescription: Acquired by fraud 16 N Y N
41-29-145 Cont. Subst. - Distribution to person under age 21 16 N Y N
41-29-146 Cont. Subst./Counterfeit Subst.: False representation 16 N Y N
41-29-147 Cont. Subst.: Enhanced penalty for second/subsequent offenders 16 N Y N
41-29-150 Cont. Subst.: Drug Rehabilitation Ordered 16 N Y N
41-29-152 Cont. Subst.: Enhanced Penalty: Poss. Firearm @Crime/Arrest 16 N Y N
41-29-313(1)(A)(i) Cont. Subts: Poss. of Precursor Chemicals w/intent to manufacture 16 N Y N
41-29-313(1)(A)(ii) Cont. Subst.: Poss. of Precursor Chemicals w/reasonable knowledge 16 N Y N
41-29-313(1)(c) Cont. Subst.: Precursor checmicals - penalty for possession 16 N N N
41-29-313(2)(a) Cont. Subst.: Anhydrous ammonia - Theft (defining statute) 16 N Y N
41-29-313(2)(b) Cont. Subst.: Anhydrous ammonia - poss. with intent (defining statute) 16 N Y N
41-29-313(2)(c) Cont. Subst.: Ephedrine or Pseudoephedrine - poss/w intent (defined) 16 N Y N
41-29-313(2)(d) Cont. Subst.: Anhydrous ammonia/ephedrine/psuedoephedrine: penalty 16 N Y N
43-13-213 Felonious Medicaid Fraud 25 N Y N
43-15-23 Child, Illegal Placement 48 N Y N
43-15-307 Undertaking employment at a child care center by a sex offender 48 N Y N
43-47-18 Sex. battery of adult by health care employee or person in authority 25 N Y N
43-47-19 Abuse/Neglect/Exploitation of Incapacitated Adult 25 N Y N
43-47-19(1) Adult, vulnerable: abuse, neglect, exploitation of 25 N Y N
43-47-19(3) Adult, vulnerable: abuse, neglect, exploitation of Felony; willfully 25 N Y N
45-33-1 Failure to register as a Sex Offender (REPEALED 7/1/2000) 61 N Y N
45-33-25 Sex offender reside within 1500 feet of facility utilized by children 61 N Y N
45-35-13 Unlawful use of cards; penalties 83 N Y N
45-9-57 Discharging a firearm in city limits 81 N Y N
47-1-27 Maltreatment of Prisoner 49 N Y N
47-5-1013 House Arrest/Intensive Supervised Probation 49 N Y N
47-5-193 Furnishing unauthorized electronic device to inmate 49 N Y N
47-5-195 Possession of Disallowed goods within MDOC 49 N Y N
47-5-198(1) Prison: Unlawful sale, entry, possession of cont. subst./narcotic 49 N Y N
47-5-198(3) Prison: Sentencing statute for violation of subsections (1) and (2) 49 N Y N
47-7-3 Administrative, Parole 50 N Y N
47-7-33 Administrative, Probation 50 N Y N
47-7-37 Administrative, Probation: Period of Probation 50 N Y N
47-7-47 Administrative, Probation: Earned Probation/Restitution 50 N Y N
49-17-603 Generation of waste 69 N Y N
49-7-101 Game/Fish: Class II: Illegally Kill/Trap/Transport Deer/Quail/Turkey 68 N Y N
49-7-141 Game Violation: Penalties for violating hunting/fishing laws 68 N Y N
49-7-21 Game/Fish: MS Hunting/Fishing without License 68 N Y N
49-7-45 Game/Fish: Hunt/Fish/Trap without License or out of season 68 N Y N
49-7-81 Gaming Violations: Establishes illegal methods of catching fish 68 N Y N
49-7-95 Game/Fish: Hunt/Take/Kill Deer by Lighting Device (Headlighting) 68 N Y N
59-23-7 (1) Operating watercraft under influence causing death or injury 21 N Y N
63-1-5 Requirement of motor vehicle operator s license. (No Proof of License) 58 N Y N
63-1-57 Driver s License: Driving while Suspended/Revoked (other than DUI) 58 N Y N
63-1-60 Alteration, fraudulent use, or fradulent procurement of license. 22 N Y N
63-1-69 Motor Vehicle Violation-Specific Penalty Not Provided 58 N Y N
63-11-21 DUI: Felony DUI by refusal 21 N Y N
63-11-30 DUI Violations (Defined) 21 N Y N
63-11-30(1) DUI Violations (Defined) 21 N Y N
63-11-30(10) DUI: Driving Privilege: Suspensions to Run Consecutively (Penalty) 21 N Y N
63-11-30(12) DUI Child Endangerment 21 N Y N
63-11-30(2)(a) DUI: First Offense (Penalty) 21 N Y N
63-11-30(2)(b) DUI: Second Offense (Penalty) 21 N Y N
63-11-30(2)(c) DUI: Third/Subsequent Offense (Penalty) 21 N Y N
63-11-30(2)(d) DUI: Fourth/Subsequent Offenses receive in-depth diagnostic assessment 21 N Y N
63-11-30(5) DUI: Negligence of Driver Results in Death or Disfigurement (Penalty) 21 N Y N
63-11-30(9) DUI: Driver not of Legal Age for License Prior to DUI Conviction 21 N Y N
63-11-40 Driver s License: Driving while Revoked or Suspended under DUI Law 21 N Y N
63-13-29 Vehicle: Improper/Expired Inspection Certificate (Sticker) 45 N Y N
63-15-11 Motor Vehicle Liability 54 N Y N
63-15-4 Insurance: No Proof-of-Liability Insurance Card 79 N Y N
63-2-1 Vehicle, Seatbelt: Failure to use (defining statute) 65 N Y N
63-2-7 Vehicle, Seatbelt: Failure to use (punishment statute) 65 N Y N
63-25-5(1)(a) Chop Shop: Operate/Own Chop Shop 51 N Y N
63-25-5(1)(b) Chop Shop: Transport Vehicle or Vehicle Part to Chop Shop 51 N Y N
63-25-5(1)(c) Chop Shop: Sell/Purchase Vehicle from Chop Shop 51 N Y N
63-25-5(2) Chop Shop: Alteration of Vehicle ID 51 N Y N
63-25-5(3)(a) Chop Shop: Buy, Sell, Transfer, Possess Vehicle from Chop Shop 51 N Y N
63-3-1003 Vehicle: Failure to Yield to Right-of-Way Sign(al) 54 N Y N
63-3-1201 Vehicle: Reckless Driving 54 N Y N
63-3-1213 Careless Driving 54 N Y N
63-3-203 Traffic: Failure to Comply w/Lawful Order/Direction of Police Officer 54 N Y N
63-3-313 Traffic: Disobedience of Traffic Signal/Control Device 54 N Y N
63-3-401 Vehicle: Leaving Scene of Accident Involving Injury/Death 54 N Y N
63-3-403 Vehicle: Leaving Scene of Accident Involving only Vehicular Damage 54 N Y N
63-3-501 Vehicle: Traveling in Excess of Maximum Speed (65/70) 54 N Y N
63-3-503 Vehicle: Traveling in Excess of Posted Limit (other than 63-3-501) 54 N Y N
63-3-511 Vehicle: Traveling in Excess of Posted Limit (local jurisdiction) 54 N Y N
63-3-601 Vehicle: Driving on Wrong Side of Roadway 54 N Y N
63-3-609 Vehicle: Improper Passing of Vehicle in Same Direction 54 N Y N
63-3-619 Vehicle: Distance between Vehicles Improperly Maintained 54 N Y N
63-3-703 Vehicle: Improper Turn at Intersection 54 N Y N
63-3-707 Vehicle: Failure to Use Signal or Improper Signal 54 N Y N
63-3-801 Vehicle: Failure to Yield at Intersection 54 N Y N
63-3-809 Vehicle: Failure to Yield to Police/Emergency Vehicle 54 N Y N
63-7-11 Vehicle: Failure to Use Lights/Lamps 60 N Y N
63-7-13 Vehicle: Improper Lighting Equipment 60 N Y N
63-7-301 Vehicle: Failure to Provide/Use Child Restraint Device 60 N Y N
63-7-31 Vehicle: Lights, Multiple-beam, Failure to Dim 60 N Y N
63-7-51 Vehicle: Improper Brakes 60 N Y N
63-7-55 Vehicle: Improper Muffler 60 N Y N
63-7-59 Vehicle: Illegal Tint or Improper Windshield Clearing Device 60 N Y N
63-7-63 Vehicle: Unlawful purchase/sale/lease of vehicle without safety belts 60 N Y N
63-7-7 Vehicle: Ill-Equipped, Operation of (Arrest/Indict) 60 N Y N
63-7-73 Vehicle: Improper Wheel Protectors 60 N Y N
63-9-11 Vehicle: Improper Operation (Penalty) 66 N Y N
67-1-10 Illegal Distillery 70 N Y N
67-1-81 Furnishing alcoholic beverage to a minor 70 N Y N
67-1-9 Intoxicating Beverages: Illegally Manfctr/Transport/Sell/Possess, etc. 70 N Y N
67-3-13 Intoxicating Beverages: Possession in Dry County 59 N Y N
67-3-53 Alcoholic Beverages - Restriction Violation by Licensed Establishment 59 N Y N
67-3-70 Purchasing of light wine/beer by person under 21 16 N Y N
69-13-335 County Ranger Failure to Fulfill Duties 56 N Y N
69-23-7 Disposition of Illegal Pesticide 76 N Y N
7-5-303 Insurance Fraud: Defining statute 82 N Y N
7-5-309 Insurance Fraud: Sentencing statute 82 N Y N
71-3-69 Misrepresentation to Obtain Workers Compensation Benefits 78 N Y N
75-24-25 Restriction on prices charged for goods during state of emergency 75 N Y N
75-24-5(1) Unfair Trade Practice (MISD) 75 N Y N
75-63-59 Requirements for contract funded by trust 84 N Y N
75-63-69 Sanctions for violations; procedural requirements 84 N Y N
75-71-301 Unlawful to operate as investment broker-dealerw/out registration 52 N Y N
75-71-401 Securities: Registration required 52 N Y N
75-71-501 Securities: Crimes enumerated 52 N Y N
75-71-501(1) Securities: Use of device, scheme, artifice to defraud 52 N Y N
75-71-501(2) Securities: Misleading statement to fraud or deceive 52 N Y N
75-71-501(3) Securities: Acts/practices operating to fraud or deceive 52 N Y N
75-71-735 Securities, Uniform Law: Violation 52 N Y N
75-73-11 Fraud: Innkeeper 73 N Y N
75-76-139 Gaming: Failure of Applicant to Disclose Information 53 N Y N
75-76-311 Gaming Violation 53 N Y N
79-63-59 Mishandling of preneed burial trust 75 N Y N
83-17-19 Soliciting without a License 19 N Y N
83-39-29 Bond-Jumping 27 N Y N
97-1-1 Conspiracy 18 Y Y N
97-1-3 Accessory (Aid/Abet/Assist/Conceal) Before the Fact 18 Y Y N
97-1-5 Accessory (Aid/Abet/Assist/Conceal) After the Fact 18 Y Y N
97-1-6 Directing/Causing Felony by Person under Age of 17 years 18 Y Y N
97-1-7 Attempted Crime 18 Y Y N
97-11-1 False Entry/Deletion of Records by Clerk of Court/Public Officer 34 N Y N
97-11-11 Bribery of Acting or Prospective Officer, Trustee, Agent 23 N Y Y
97-11-13 Bribery: Acceptance by Officer, Agent, Trustee 23 N Y Y
97-11-25 Embezzlement: Entrusted Public Property/Funds Converted for Own Use 34 N Y Y
97-11-29 Embezzlement: Fraudulent Accounting by Public Officer (Penalty) 23 N Y Y
97-11-3 AG and DA not to advise criminals. 34 N Y Y
97-11-31 Embezzlement or Fraud Committed by Public Official (Penalty) 23 N Y Y
97-11-33 Extortion: Collection of Fees for Unrendered Services 23 N Y Y
97-11-37 Failing to keep a record required by law 62 N Y N
97-11-53 Bribery of/Acceptance by Public Official: Purchase, Contract or Action 23 N Y N
97-13-1 Elections: Bribery of Elector or Election Officer 36 N Y Y
97-13-15 Limitations on corporate contributions to political party or candidate 36 N Y N
97-13-19 Elections: Corrupt Conduct by Election Official 36 N Y N
97-13-27 Elections: Neglect or Misconduct by Registrar 36 N Y N
97-13-35 Voting by unqualified person 36 N Y N
97-13-9 Elections: Tampering with Voting Ballots, Ballot Boxes 36 N Y N
97-15-13 Shooting/Hunting: on/across Roadways; at Traffic Control Devices 37 N Y N
97-15-29 Littering with trash likely to cause fire 19 N Y N
97-15-30 Waste, Solid: Unauthorized Dumping 37 N Y N
97-15-31 Tacks, glass, or other injurious material 19 N Y N
97-15-37 Obstruction to Highway: Causing or Failing to Remove 37 N Y N
97-17-1 Arson - Dwelling or Outbuilding 8 N Y Y
97-17-11 Arson - Insured Property 8 N Y Y
97-17-13 Arson - Timber, Woods, Meadow, Marsh 8 N Y Y
97-17-14 Assault, Aggravated: Upon Fire Fighter, Caused by Arson 8 N Y N
97-17-15 Destruction/Alteration of Boundary Landmarks 8 N Y N
97-17-19 Burglary - Dwelling REPEALED 4/11/96 8 N Y N
97-17-21 Burglary - Dwelling, Occupied REPEALED 4/11/96 8 N Y N
97-17-23 Burglary - Dwelling 8 N Y N
97-17-23 (2) Home Invasion with intent to terrorize any occupants 8 N Y N
97-17-25 Burglary - Dwelling, Breaking Outer Door to Escape Scene of Crime 8 N Y N
97-17-29 Burglary; breaking inner door of dwelling by one lawfully in house 8 N Y N
97-17-3 Arson - Church/School Building (State-Supported) 8 N Y Y
97-17-33 Burglary - Vehicle, Train, Boat or Building other than Dwelling 8 N Y N
97-17-33(1) Burglary - Vehicle, Train, Boat or Building other than Dwelling 8 N Y N
97-17-33(2) Breaking/Entering Church or Synagogue w/Intent to Commit a Crime 8 N Y N
97-17-35 Burglary: Possession of Burglar Tools 8 N Y N
97-17-37 Burglary, Explosives used in Commission of 8 N Y N
97-17-39(a) Destroy/Deface Cemetery/School/Church Property Valued under $300 8 N Y N
97-17-39(b) Destroy/Deface Cemetery/School/Church Property Valued over $300 8 N Y N
97-17-41 Grand Larceny 8 N Y Y
97-17-41(1) Larceny, Grand: of an Individual, Property Valued at $500 or more 8 N Y Y
97-17-41(2) Larceny, Grand: of a church valued at $500 or more 8 N Y Y
97-17-42 Larceny, Grand: Vehicle of Another 8 N Y Y
97-17-43 Petit Larceny - Definition; penalty 8 N Y N
97-17-43(1) Larceny, Petit: of an Individual, Property Valued Less than $500 8 N Y N
97-17-43(2) Larceny, Petit: of Place of Worship, Property Valued Less than $500 8 N Y N
97-17-5 Arson - Structure, Not Dwelling or School 8 N Y Y
97-17-51 Larceny; stealing dog 8 N Y N
97-17-53 Larceny: Livestock 8 N Y Y
97-17-59 Larceny: Timber 8 N Y Y
97-17-61 Property, Taking and Carrying, Less than Larceny 8 N Y N
97-17-64 Larceny: Under Lease/Rental Agreement 8 N Y Y
97-17-65 Looting 8 N Y N
97-17-67 Malicious Mischief 8 N Y N
97-17-68 Larceny: Coin-Operated Device 8 N Y N
97-17-69 Receiving Stolen Property (REPEALED JULY 1, 1993 - see 97-17-70) 8 N Y N
97-17-7 Arson - Personal Property 8 N Y Y
97-17-70 Receiving Stolen Property 8 N Y Y
97-17-71(7) Illegal Selling of Scrap Metal 62 N Y N
97-17-75 Removal/Sale of Personal Property Subject to County Lien 8 N Y N
97-17-85 Trespass: Going upon Enclosed Land of Another without Consent 8 N Y N
97-17-87 Trespass, Malicious or Wilful: Upon Real/Personal Property of Another 8 N Y N
97-17-9 Arson: Attempt, Aid or Induce to Burn (4th Degree) 8 N Y Y
97-17-91 Posted Land: Defacing, Altering or Destroying Notices of Owner/Agent 8 N Y N
97-19-11 Credit Card: Procuring Issuance by False Statement of Identification 19 N Y N
97-19-13 Credit Card: Acquisition by Theft/Artifice; Receipt/Use of Anothers Na 19 N Y N
97-19-15 Credit Card: Fraudulent use as Security for Debt (Misdemeanor) 19 N Y N
97-19-17 Credit Card, Forgery: Falsely Makes/Alters/Embosses Card (Indictment) 19 N Y N
97-19-19 Credit Card, Forgery: Unauthorized Signature to Defraud (Indictment) 19 N Y N
97-19-21 Credit Card, Fraudulent Use: w/Intent to Obtain Money, etc. (Penalty) 19 N Y N
97-19-23 Credit Card Fraud 19 N Y N
97-19-27 Credit Card: Receiving Money/Thing of Value Violating 97-19-5 thru -29 19 N Y N
97-19-29 Credit Card: Fraudulent Use - Misdemeanor (Penalty) 19 N Y N
97-19-31 Credit Card: Use of Counterfeit/Expired Credit Card or Telephone # etc 19 N Y N
97-19-33 False Personation: Impersonating another Contractually/Maritally 19 N Y N
97-19-35 False Personation: Impersonation to Obtain Property/Money (Indictment) 19 N Y N
97-19-37 False Personation: Masquerading as Deaf Person 19 N Y N
97-19-39 False Pretenses: Procure Thing of Value by Fraudulent Representation 19 N Y Y
97-19-41 False Pretenses: Fraudulent Representation of Evidence of Debt 19 N Y Y
97-19-45 False Pretenses: Produce Child with Intent to Intercept Inheritance 19 N Y Y
97-19-49 False Pretenses: Registering Animal Falsely; Giving False Pedigree 19 N Y Y
97-19-51 False Pretenses: Obtain/Deliver Goods Previously Encumbered (Indict.) 19 N Y Y
97-19-53 Child under 6 Substituted by Caregiver to Deceive Parent/Guardian 19 N Y N
97-19-55 Bad Checks: Fraudulently Deliver Insufficient Instrument (Indictment) 19 N Y Y
97-19-57 Bad Checks - Evidence/Presumption of fraudulentIntent (For Indictment) 19 N Y Y
97-19-67 Bad Checks - Penalties (Sentence) 19 N Y Y
97-19-71 Fraud - State- or Federally-Funded Assistance Programs 19 N Y N
97-19-83 Fraud - by Mail, Telephone, Wire, or Other Means 19 N Y N
97-19-85 Fraud: Obtain Thing of Value by False Identification (ID, SS#, etc.) 19 N Y N
97-21-11 Coin-Operated Devices: Use or Sale of Slug or Other Counterfeit Coin 24 N Y N
97-21-13 Forgery: Owning Counterfeit US Coins (Indictment) 24 N Y Y
97-21-15 Forgery: Owning Counterfeit Foreign Coinage (Indictment) 24 N Y Y
97-21-17 Forgery: Possession counterfeit gold/silver coins w/intent to utter 24 N Y Y
97-21-19 Forgery: Signature Purporting to be Agent/Officer of Corporation 24 N Y Y
97-21-23 Forgery: Possession of Counterfeit Printing Plates of Tender 24 N Y Y
97-21-27 Fraud: Intent (Use for Arrest/Indictment - not for sentencing) 24 N Y N
97-21-29 Forgery: Making/uttering instrument in own name as act of another 24 N Y Y
97-21-3 Forgery: Failure of Corporate Officer to Maintain Accurate Accounts 24 N Y Y
97-21-33 Forgery - Penalty (Sentence) 24 N Y Y
97-21-35 Pleadings, process & other court papers, licenses, or wr. instruments 24 N Y Y
97-21-37 Forgery: Possession Counterfeit Bank Notes w/Intention to Utter 24 N Y Y
97-21-49 Counterfeit/forged documents: Sale/exchange guilty of forgery 24 N Y Y
97-21-55 Possession of die, plate, printed labels, to vend imitation goods 24 N Y N
97-21-57 Vending goods bearing counterfeit Trademark label 24 N Y N
97-21-59 Uttering - Forged/Counterfeit Instrument Recited as True (Indictment) 24 N Y N
97-21-7 Forgery: False Certification of Instrument or Conveyance 24 N Y Y
97-21-9 Forgery: Counterfeit/Altered Stock Certificates, Security (Indictment) 24 N Y Y
97-23-101 Money Laundering 33 N Y N
97-23-103(5)(a) Home repair fraud: 1st conviction a misdemeanor, Fraud < $5000 33 N Y N
97-23-103(5)(b)(i) Home repair fraud: 2nd offense >$1000 <5000 (Fraud) 33 N Y N
97-23-103(5)(b)(ii) Home repair fraud: <5000>10000 2nd Offense, Misdemeanor <=$5000 33 N Y N
97-23-103(5)(c)(i) Home repair fraud: <$10,000 Felony Fraud >=$5000 <$10,000 33 N Y N
97-23-103(5)(c)(ii) Home repair fraud: Felony Fraud $10,000 or more 33 N Y N
97-23-105(2) Possession of 15 or more retail receipts with intent to defraud 33 N Y Y
97-23-19 Embezzlement by Agent/Officer/Trustee of Company or Private Individual 33 N Y Y
97-23-23 Embezzlement: Buying/Receiving Embezzled Goods (Indictment) 33 N Y N
97-23-25 Embezzlement: Money on Deposit; Property in Trust/Received on Contract 33 N Y Y
97-23-3 Advertising: untrue, deceptive or misleading 20 N Y N
97-23-3(1) False advertising; misrepresentation of nature of business (defined) 20 N Y N
97-23-3(2) False advertising; misrepresentation of nature of business (penalty) 20 N Y N
97-23-31 Insurance: Acting as Agent for Company not Complying with Law 33 N Y N
97-23-39 Employment: Preventing Lawful Vocation by Force/Violence 33 N Y N
97-23-41 Employment: Conspiracy to Prevent Lawful Vocation by Force/Violence 33 N Y N
97-23-43 Employment: Practicing a Profession w/out Statutorily-Required License 33 N Y N
97-23-89 Recordings, films, CDs: Illegal sale/distribution 33 N Y N
97-23-93 Shoplifting 33 N Y Y
97-23-94 Shoplifting - Aiding/Abetting Minor by Person >=18 33 N Y Y
97-23-99 Giving Away Merchandise 33 N Y N
97-25-1 Electric Power Service: Tamper, Destroy, Steal, Unauthorized Use 38 N Y N
97-25-21 Railroads, Obstruction or Injury to 38 N Y N
97-25-3 Utilities, Power: Tampering with Meters, etc. 38 N Y N
97-25-43 Railroads/Public Utilities/Carriers: Conspiracy to Impede 38 N Y N
97-25-45 Railroads/Public Utilities/Carriers: Obstructing/Impeding by Force 38 N Y N
97-25-47 Transportation, public: Shooting, throwing at 38 N Y N
97-25-5 Railroads: Destruction of Signs, Gates, Warnings 38 N Y N
97-25-54 Communication Services: Theft of Electronic/Radio/Telephonic Devices 38 N Y N
97-25-55 Aircraft Piracy: Boarding Aircraft w/Dangerous or Deadly Instrument 38 N Y N
97-25-57 Nuclear Sabotage 38 N Y N
97-27-12 Hoax; Causing unrest in rumors of harmful substances/devices 67 N Y N
97-27-14 Exposing others to HIV 3 N Y N
97-27-33 Glue/Toxic Vapors: Inhalation of; Sale of Model Glue to Minors 67 N Y N
97-29-101 Obscene Materials/Performances: Distribution (Indictment) 26 N Y N
97-29-105 Sexual Devices: Unlawful Distribution (Indictment) 26 N Y N
97-29-109 Obscene Materials/Unlawful Sexual Devices: Distribution (Penalty) 26 N Y N
97-29-13 Bigamy 26 N Y Y
97-29-17 Bribery: Participant in Professional/Amateur Game or Athletic Contest 26 N Y Y
97-29-19 Dead Bodies: Disinterment for Sale or Wantonness 26 N Y N
97-29-25 Cemetery: Desecration 26 N Y N
97-29-27 Incest: Consanguineous Marriage (Within Prohibited Degree of Relation) 26 N Y N
97-29-3 Adultery/Fornication: Between Teacher and Pupil <18 26 N Y N
97-29-31 Indecent Exposure 26 N Y N
97-29-45 Profane, Indecent Language via Telephone or Electronic Communication 26 N Y N
97-29-47 Drunkenness or Profanity in Public Place 26 N Y N
97-29-49 Prostitution: Defined 26 N Y N
97-29-5 Incest: Adultery/Fornication/Cohabitation Consanguineously 26 N Y N
97-29-51 Prostitution, Procuring: Defined 26 N Y N
97-29-53 Prostitution: Penalty 26 N Y N
97-29-59 Unnatural Intercourse 26 N Y N
97-29-61 Voyeurism (trespass by Peeping Tom) 26 N Y N
97-29-63 Photography of another when privacy is expected by subject 26 N Y N
97-3-1 Abduction of Person over 14 for Purposes of Marriage 3 N Y N
97-3-101 Sexual Battery (Penalty) 3 N Y N
97-3-104 Sex between law-enforcemnt or corr offcr/employee and offender 29 N Y N
97-3-105 Hazing: Initiation/Affiliation with Organization Causing Injury 3 N Y N
97-3-107 Stalking 3 N Y N
97-3-109 Drive-by Shooting/Bombing 3 N Y N
97-3-110 Drive-By Shooting, Forfeiture of Property Used by Person Under 18 3 N Y N
97-3-111 Drive-by Shooting/Bombing, Forfeiture of Property 3 N Y N
97-3-117 Carjacking 3 N Y Y
97-3-117(1) Carjacking: Taking Vehicle from One s Possession by Force 3 N Y Y
97-3-117(2) Carjacking, Armed: Taking Vehicle by Use of Weapon 3 N Y Y
97-3-19 Murder/Homicide/Capital Murder (Defined/Indictment) 3 N Y Y
97-3-19(1) Murder 3 Y Y Y
97-3-19(1)(a) Murder: Deliberate act to effect death 3 N Y Y
97-3-19(1)(b) Murder: During commission of dangerous act, without premeditation 3 Y Y Y
97-3-19(1)(c) Murder: During commission of other felony, without premeditation 3 Y Y Y
97-3-19(1)(d) Murder: Deliberate design to effect death of unborn child 3 Y Y Y
97-3-19(2) Capital Murder 3 Y Y Y
97-3-19(2)(a) Capital Murder of a peace officer 3 Y Y Y
97-3-19(2)(b) Capital Murder: by individual under sentence of life imprisonment 3 Y Y Y
97-3-19(2)(c) Capital Murder: by use or detonation of explosive device 3 Y Y Y
97-3-19(2)(d) Capital Murder: by contract 3 Y Y Y
97-3-19(2)(e) Capital Murder: with or without design in commission of other felony 3 N Y Y
97-3-19(2)(f) Capital Murder: while engaged in felonious abuse/batter of a child 3 Y Y Y
97-3-19(2)(g) Capital Murder: on educational property 3 Y Y Y
97-3-19(2)(h) Capital Murder: of elected official 3 Y Y Y
97-3-19(3) Murder/Capital Murder: indictment may include lesser included offense 3 Y Y Y
97-3-21 Murder/Homicide/Capital Murder (Penalty) 3 N Y Y
97-3-25 Manslaughter/Homicide (Penalty) 3 N Y N
97-3-27 Manslaughter/Homicide While Committing Felony (Defined/Indictment) 3 N Y N
97-3-29 Manslaughter/Homicide While Committing Misdemeanor (Indictment) 3 N Y N
97-3-3 Abortion or Miscarriage: Cause/Attempt, Other than Licensed Physician 3 N Y N
97-3-35 Manslaughter/Homicide without Malice/Self-Defense (Indictment) 3 N Y N
97-3-37(1) Homicide; killing of an unborn quick child; 3 N Y Y
97-3-45 Manslaughter, Mischievous Animal: by Owner s Failure to Restrain 3 N Y N
97-3-47 Manslaughter defined (for indictment) 3 N Y N
97-3-51 Interstate Removal of Child under 14 by Non-Custodial Parent/Relative 3 N Y N
97-3-53 Kidnaping: Capital 3 N Y N
97-3-54 Anti-human trafficking act 3 N Y N
97-3-55 Libel 3 N Y N
97-3-59 Mayhem 3 N Y N
97-3-61 Poisoning with Intent to Injure; Poisoning Well, Spring, etc. 3 N Y N
97-3-65 Rape, Statutory; Sexual Intercourse or Rape of Child under age of 16 3 N Y Y
97-3-65(1)(a) Statutory rape; person >17 intercourse w/child 3 N Y Y
97-3-65(1)(b) Statutory rape; perpetrator any age 3 N Y Y
97-3-65(3)(a) Rape, statutory: >=18 and < 21 (Sentencing Statues) 3 N Y Y
97-3-65(3)(b) Statutory rape 21 or older (sentencing statutes) 3 N Y Y
97-3-65(3)(c) Statutory rape 18 or older (sentencing statute) 3 N Y Y
97-3-65(3)(d) Statutory rape >= 13 and < 18 (sentencing statute) 3 N Y Y
97-3-65(4) Rape/Sexual Intercourse by use of Substance to Render Victim Helpless 3 N Y Y
97-3-67 Rape; Carnal Knowledge of Unmarried Person over 14, under 18 3 N Y Y
97-3-7(1) Assault, Simple 3 N Y N
97-3-7(2) Assault, Aggravated: Use/Non-Use of Weapon Not Specified 3 N Y N
97-3-7(2)(a) Assault, Aggravated: No Weapon 3 N Y N
97-3-7(2)(b) Assault, Aggravated: Use of Deadly Weapon 3 N Y N
97-3-7(3) Domestic Violence 3 N Y N
97-3-7(4) Aggravated domestic violence; defined, sentence 3 N Y N
97-3-71 Rape: Assault w/Intent to Ravish Female of Previous Chaste Character 3 N Y Y
97-3-73 Robbery: Taking Personal Property by Fear/Violence (Indictment) 3 N Y Y
97-3-75 Robbery (Penalty) 3 N Y Y
97-3-79 Robbery, Armed: Use of Deadly Weapon 3 N Y Y
97-3-81 Ransom, writing letter for 3 N Y N
97-3-82(3)(b) Extortion: of Property of another valued at $500 or more 3 N Y Y
97-3-95 Sexual Battery (Defined/Indictment) 3 N Y N
97-3-95(1) Sexual Battery: sexual penetration as described in subsections (a)-(d) 3 Y Y N
97-3-95(1)(a) Sexual Battery: with another person without their consent 3 Y Y N
97-3-95(1)(b) Sexual Battery: of mentally/physically helpless person 3 Y Y N
97-3-95(1)(c) Sexual Battery: of child 14-16 yrs when defendant 36+ months older 3 Y Y N
97-3-95(1)(d) Sexual Battery: of child under 14 when defendant 24+ months older 3 Y Y N
97-3-95(2) Sexual Battery: of child under 18 when defendant in position of trust 3 Y Y N
97-31-21 Intoxicating Beverage: Unlawful Manufacture/Distillation 39 N Y N
97-31-23 Intoxicating Beverage: Distillery (Still), Unlawful Ownership/Control 39 N Y N
97-31-27 Intoxicating Beverage: Unlawful Sale/Possession 39 N Y N
97-31-35 Intoxicating Beverage: Unlawful Poss n/Distribution to Prison Facility 39 N Y N
97-32-13 Tobacco Products: Juvenile Misrepresentation of Age to Purchase 57 N Y N
97-32-5 Tobacco Products: Unlawful sale or transfer to Minor (under 18) 57 N Y N
97-32-9 Tobacco Products: Possession, Educational Property, by person under 18 57 N Y N
97-33-1 Gambling, illegal placing of wagers 40 N Y N
97-33-109 Bingo: Charitable Bingo Law Defined 40 N Y N
97-33-21 Gambling, with minor 40 N Y N
97-33-7 Gambling, Device: Unlawful Possession/Operation 40 N Y N
97-33-75 Bingo: Violation (described) of Charitable Bingo Law 40 N Y N
97-33-9 Gambling, Table: Unlawful Possession/Operation 40 N Y N
97-35-1 Disorderly/Improper Conduct upon Passenger Bus 31 N Y N
97-35-15 Disturbing Public Peace 31 N Y N
97-35-27 Felon, Convicted: Failure to Register Location of Residence 31 N Y N
97-35-3 Disorderly Conduct, Breach of Peace 31 N Y N
97-35-45 Fire Alarm: Falsely Reporting 31 N Y N
97-35-5 Disorderly Conduct: Interference with Business, Customers, Invitees 31 N Y N
97-35-7 Disorderly Conduct: Failure to Comply w/Command of Law Enforcement 31 N Y N
97-35-9 Disorderly Conduct: by Explosions, Noises, or Offensive Conduct 31 N Y N
97-37-1 Weapon, Deadly: Carrying while concealed 30 N Y N
97-37-1(a) Weapon, Deadly; carrying while concealed 1st (sentencing statute) 30 N Y N
97-37-1(b) Weapon, carrying concealed 2nd (sentencing statute) 30 N Y N
97-37-1(c) Weapon, carrying concealed 3rd or > (sentencing statute) 30 N Y N
97-37-1(d) Weapon, carrying concealed Prior Felony (sentencing statute) 30 N Y N
97-37-11 Weapon, Deadly: Dealer s Failure to Maintain Records (Penalty) 30 N Y N
97-37-13 Weapon, Deadly: Issuance to Minor or Intoxicated Person 30 N Y N
97-37-17 Weapon/Explosives: Possession by Student; Aiding a Minor in Possessing 30 N Y N
97-37-19 Weapon, Deadly: Exhibiting in Threatening or Dangerous Manner 30 N Y N
97-37-21 Explosives: False Report of Placement 30 N Y N
97-37-23 Explosives: Unlawful Possession 30 N Y N
97-37-25 Explosives: Unlawful Use, Placement 30 N Y N
97-37-29 Shooting into Dwelling House 30 N Y N
97-37-30 Discharging firearm toward dwelling causing property or animal damage 30 N Y N
97-37-35 Weapon, Stolen: Possession, Sale, etc. 30 N Y Y
97-37-35(3)(a) Weapon, Stolen: Possession, Sale, etc. - First offense 30 N Y Y
97-37-35(3)(b) Weapon, Stolen: Possession, Sale, etc. - Second, etc., Trafficking 30 N Y Y
97-37-35(3)(c) Weapon, Stolen: Possession, Sale, etc. - Two or more weapons 30 N Y Y
97-37-35(4) Weapon, Stolen: Used in commission of other crime(s) 30 N Y Y
97-37-5 Weapon, Possession by Convicted Felon 30 N Y N
97-41-15 Animals, livestock: Causing Malicious or Mischievous Injury 41 N Y N
97-41-16 Animals, Dog: Causing Malicious or Mischievous Injury 41 N Y N
97-41-19 Animals, Dog: Conducting/Promoting/Wagering on Dog Fight 41 N Y N
97-41-9 Animals: Failure of Owner to Provide Sustenance 41 N Y N
97-43-5 Racketeering: Prohibited Activities (Indictment) 43 N Y N
97-43-7 Racketeering: Violation by Individual (Penalty) 43 N Y N
97-43-9 Racketeering: Violation by Individual, Corporation (Penalty) 43 N Y N
97-44-13 Streetgang Act: Punitive Damages Levied Against Violation 42 N Y N
97-45-15 Cyberstalking 44 N Y N
97-45-17 Posting of msg thru elec media for purpose of causing injury to person 44 N Y N
97-45-19 Identity Theft 44 N Y N
97-45-3 Computer Fraud 44 N Y N
97-45-5 Computer, Interference: Denial of Use; Improper Disclosure/Use 44 N Y N
97-45-7 Compute: Modification/Destruction of Equipment/Supplies 44 N Y N
97-45-9 Computer Offense against Intellectual Property 44 N Y N
97-5-1 Abandonment of Child under Age of 6 29 N Y N
97-5-21 Seduction/Illicit Connection of Child w/previously chaste character 29 N Y N
97-5-23 Gratification of lust: child, incapacitated person; defined, sentence 29 N Y N
97-5-23(1) Touching Child under 16 or Helpless Person for Lustful Purposes 29 N Y N
97-5-23(2) Touching Child <18 for Lustful Purposes by Person in Trust >18 29 N Y N
97-5-23(3) Touching Child for Lustful Purposes - Second Offense 29 N Y N
97-5-27 Sexually Oriented Materials: Dissemination to Persons under Age 18 29 N Y N
97-5-29 Sexually Oriented Materials: Public Display 29 N Y N
97-5-3 Desertion or Non-Support of Child under Age 16 29 N Y N
97-5-33 Exploitation of Children (Indictment) 29 N Y N
97-5-35 Exploitation of Children (Penalty) 29 N Y N
97-5-39 Contributing to neglect/delinquency of child; felonious abuse 29 N Y N
97-5-39(1) Contributing to Delinquency/Neglect of a Child 29 N Y N
97-5-39(1)(a) Contributing to the neglect or delinquency of a minor 29 N Y N
97-5-39(1)(b) Neglect of a minor 29 N Y N
97-5-39(1)(c) Neglect of a Minor 29 N Y N
97-5-39(1)(d) Failure to Provide Medical Care 29 N Y N
97-5-39(2) Felonious Abuse and/or Battery of a Child 29 N Y N
97-5-39(2)(a)(i) Felonious abuse of a Child 29 N Y N
97-5-39(2)(a)(ii) Felonious abuse of a Child 29 N Y N
97-5-39(2)(a)(iii) Felonious abuse of a Child 29 N Y N
97-5-39(2)(b)(i) Child Endangerment 29 N Y N
97-5-39(2)(b)(ii) Child Endangerment 29 N Y N
97-5-39(4) Convicted under (1) or (2): Alternative Sentencing: Treatment 29 N Y N
97-5-40 Child Abuse, Condoning 29 N Y N
97-5-41 Carnal knowledge of adopted or step child aged over 14, under 18 29 N Y N
97-5-5 Enticing a child for concealment, prostitution, or marriage. 29 N Y N
97-7-10 Fraudulent Statements, Making - Against State, Department, Agency 35 N Y N
97-7-11 Conspiracy to Defraud State; Obtaining Public Funds Fraudulently 35 N Y N
97-7-13 Conspiracy to Defraud State - Defeat/Prevent Prosecution of Claim Due 35 N Y N
97-7-19 Conspiracy to Prevent Holding Public Office/Discharging Duties 35 N Y N
97-7-23 Syndicalism, Criminal - To effect Social/Political Change for Profit 35 N Y N
97-7-25 Syndicalism, Criminal: Unlawful Assemblage to Advocate 35 N Y N
97-7-29 Destruction/Tampering w/Real, Personal Property to Hinder War Efforts 35 N Y N
97-7-31 Communications - Tampering w/state- or federally-licensed systems 35 N Y N
97-7-35 False swearing to federal authorities regarding constitutional rights 35 N Y N
97-7-42 Food Stamps: Fraudulent Use 35 N Y N
97-7-43 Impersonating state, county or municipal officer or employee 20 N Y N
97-7-53 Bribery/Influencing: Legislator 35 N Y Y
97-7-55 Bribery: Legislator Accepting/Agreeing to Accept 35 N Y Y
97-7-57 Influence Peddling by Legislator/Legislative Officer 35 N Y N
97-7-67 Treason Against State 35 N Y N
97-9-10 Bribery, Commercial: Give/Offer/Accept Value to Influence Action 28 N Y Y
97-9-103 Hindering prosecution or apprehension 20 N Y N
97-9-105 Hindering prosecution in the first degree 20 N Y N
97-9-107 HIndering prosecution in the second degree 20 N Y N
97-9-113 Intimidating a witness 28 N Y N
97-9-115 Tampering with a witness 28 N Y N
97-9-125(1)(a) Tampering with physical evidence: intentionally destroys/alters 28 N Y N
97-9-125(1)(b) Tampering with physical evidence: knowingly presents false evidence 28 N Y N
97-9-125(1)(c) Tampering with physical evidence: intentionally prevents phys evidence 28 N Y N
97-9-127(1) Retaliation against public servant or witness (indictment) 28 N Y N
97-9-129(1) Offense against administration of justice: Class 1 (sentence) 28 N Y N
97-9-129(2) Offense against administration of justice : Class 2 (sentence) 28 N Y N
97-9-129(3) Offense against administration of justice: Misdemeanor (sentence) 28 N Y N
97-9-25 Escape: Aiding/Abetting Inmates from State Institutions 28 N Y N
97-9-27 Escape: Convey Articles to Facilitate Escape of Felonious Prisoner 28 N Y N
97-9-29 Escape: Felonious Prisoners - Aid Escape/Rescue from Custody 28 N Y N
97-9-31 Escape: Aid/Abet Prisoners other than Felons 28 N Y N
97-9-33 Escape: Aid/Assist Prisoner in Custody of Law Enforcement Officer 28 N Y N
97-9-35 Escape: Wilfully or Negligently Permitted by Guard 28 N Y N
97-9-41 Escape: Concealing/Harboring Escaped Prisoner 28 N Y N
97-9-45 Escape: Penitentiary Convict Serving Any Term 28 N Y N
97-9-49(1) Escape: Successful or Attempted, By Force or Violence 28 N Y N
97-9-49(2) Escape: Entrusted Prisoner (Trusty) 28 N Y N
97-9-5 Bribery, Juror: Acceptance/Offer to Influence Outcome 28 N Y Y
97-9-53 Indictment: Premature Disclosure of Facts 28 N Y N
97-9-55 Obstructing Justice: Intimidating Judge/Juror/Witness/Attorney 28 N Y N
97-9-59 Perjury: Defined - Swear to/Testify Falsely Under Oath (Indictment) 28 N Y Y
97-9-61 Perjury: Penalty 28 N Y Y
97-9-63 Perjury: Subornation (Procurement of Witness to Commit Perjury) 28 N Y Y
97-9-65 Bribery of Witness to Commit Perjury 28 N Y Y
97-9-67 Obstructing Justice: Demonstrating in Proximity to Judge/Juror/Witness 28 N Y N
97-9-7 Bribery: Rewarded to Compound/Conceal Crime w/Life/Death Penalty 28 N Y Y
97-9-72(1) Failure of driver under suspicion to heed law enforcement directive 28 N Y N
97-9-72(2) Reckless flight endangering human life as to subsection (1) 28 N Y N
97-9-72(3) Serious bodily injury resulting from commission of subsection (1) 28 N Y N
97-9-72(4) Death as result of commission of subsection (1) 28 Y Y N
97-9-73 Resisting/Obstructing Arrest 28 N Y N
97-9-77 Will: Alteration, Destruction or Secretion 28 N Y N
97-9-79 False Information: Misrepresentation of identity 28 N Y N
97-9-9 Bribery: Rewarded to Compound/Conceal Crime w/Less than Life Penalty 28 N Y Y
99-19-17 Embezzlement and False Pretenses: <$250, Punishment as Petit Larceny 32 N Y N
99-19-307 Enhanced Penalty: Crime due to race, sex, nationality, religion, etc. 32 N Y N
99-19-31 Penalty for Crimes when None Fixed Elsewhere by Statute 32 N Y N
99-19-81 Habitual: Sentenced to Maximum Term 32 N Y N
99-19-83 Habitual: Sentenced to Life Imprisonment 32 N Y N
99-21-1 Fugitive: Issuance of Warrant whether Offense within or without state 71 N Y N
99-35-1 Right to Appeal from Lower Court 63 N Y N
99-37-7 Failure to pay Fine (Arrest/Indictment) 62 N Y N
99-37-9 Contempt of Court for Failure to Make Restitution 62 N Y N
99-7-2 Two or more triable cases under one indictment 74 N Y N