2.3 - Search Results 

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A Youth Locator search will return results in the table format shown below.  This table shows 2 MYCIDS records and no SCATS records that match the search criteria.



The results table is divided into the following columns:


This is the number assigned to each record returned in a search.

The Options column gives the choice of viewing the dockets for that child or creating a new intake for that child.

The Youth Information column gives information to help identify the youth being searched.  Listed information includes name, SSN, address, date of birth, and phone number.

The AKA column lists and alias information for the child.

The Associated Persons column lists people that have been associated with this child.


SCATS records will appear in a second table that lists Record #, Youth and Case Information, AKA Names, Mother, and Father.  




The SCATS information is for reference only.  A new intake cannot be created from this information.