28.2 - Calendar Controls 

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A calendar is displayed across the top of the Scheduler screen, with the current month and date selected.


The current date is indicated by the red circle around the date. The selected date is indicated by the blue highlighting.



Select a new date by clicking on the day in the calendar.



View previous months by clicking the left arrow , and you can view

upcoming months by clicking the right arrow .



Select a different month from a popup menu by clicking the month name.




Select a different year by clicking the year to reveal a control to adjust the year

number up or down.




System users who have rights in multiple counties may select the County/District schedule they wish to view. Most system users will default to one assigned county.



The Scheduler allows filtering by event type and user. After selecting from the filter drop down menus, click on the refresh button at the top of the scheduler screen to view your changes.



If you do not click the refresh button after selecting from the drop down filters, a

message will appear reminding you to click refresh.