36.3 Add a Case Fee Payment 


 Step 1 - Expand the case.


Click on the Case Fees node under the specified case.




 Step 2 - Click on the Add Link from the Edit Panel area.  


Click Add from the Payments list.



 Step 3 - Edit Date.  



 Step 4 - Select Payment Type.


The Type field includes a drop-down list of available payment types. Click in the field and begin typing the payment name or choose from the list.



 Step 5 - Select Payer from the Payer Field.  


Select the Payer from the drop-down list in the Payer field.  



 Step 6 - Add Total Amount Paid.  


Enter the total amount that was paid.



Click OK. The receipt will open up in MYCIDS word processor as shown in the image below.