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Bar AdmissionsLine
Forms, Index Card and Information about Accommodations
Index Card
Fingerprint Card
Form Instructions for Forms 4-17-18
Form 2 - Additional Response Page
Form 3 - Amendment to an Application
Form 4 - Status Sheet
Form 8A - Request to Use Prior MBE Score
Form 8B - Laptop Testing Form
Form 13 - Certificate of Dean of College
Form 14 - Certificate of Dean of Law School
Form 14b1 - Applicant's Affidavit for Completion of JD within 60 Days of Exam
Form 14b2 - Law School's Certification of Completion for 60-Day Exam Applicants
Form 17 - Reference Form
Form 18 - Employment Verification
Form 20 - Record of Civil Actions
Form 21 - Record of Traffic Cases
Form 22 - Record of Criminal Cases
Form 25 - Record of Bankruptcy or Insolvency
Form 26 - List of Creditors
Form 28 - Military Service
Form 31 - Bonded Positions
Form 36 - Authorization to Release Medical Records
Form 36-B - Authorization to Release Medical Records
Form 37 - Bar Admissions Form
Form 38 - State Bar Form
Form 38-A - Attorney Affidavit
Form 38-B - Mississippi Practice Questionnaire
Form 39 - Verification of Practice
Request for Test Accommodations
ADD - ADHD - Guidelines for Documentation
Learning Disabilities - Guidelines for Documentation

Bar Admissions
July 2017 Bar Exam Schedule
Application for Registration as a Law Student
February 2018 Bar Exam Online Application
Application Update for the February 2018 Bar Exam
Admission on Motion
Forms, Index Card and Information about Test Accommodations
Rules Governing Admission to the Mississippi Bar
National Conference of Bar Examiners
Request for Copy of Previously Filed Application
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Previous Mississippi Bar Examination Questions and Analyses
MEE, MPT, MBE and MPRE Study Aids